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Authenticity Training

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Why Authenticity Training is so important!

Authenticity training is aimed to help high level leaders be more effective in their personal, professional, and financial lives. Leadership is about influence, not power. Too many today try to leverage their position of leadership by exerting their power, and the results are counterproductive. Disengaged employees, aloof kids, feelings of burnout and exhaustion for the leader. From the boardroom to the baseball field, our culture is experiencing the demand that leaders use their influence in more authentic ways.

What Does this Course Cover?

In this course, founder of Amplified Success, Travis Waits, will you will learn 5 basic traits of authentic leadership, and how to implement these tactically in your leadership style for results today. These traits are Honesty, Accountability, Courage, Vulnerability, and Delivery.

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What is included with this course?

To assist your learning to be an Authentic leader, Travis Waits has included 5 video’s about each trait. You will then be guided through the online learning module for each section, complete with audio mp3, as well as downloadable PDF for your use.

Lesson Overview:

5 in-depth traits

  1. Courage

  2. Honesty

  3. Accountability

  4. Vulnerability

  5. Delivery

    • Courage.Courage is not the absence of fear, worry, or concern. Courage is moving inspite of your fear. You keep moving, stay the course with your vision, make the hard decisions that in the long run will fulfill your mission. Where most leaders fall short here, is that they disregard, stuff, or try to ignore all the negative feelings and emotions that they experience in times of distress. Emotions that are completely par for the course of being a human being, but often the leader tries to ignore these because of the demands and pressures of leadership. This actually hinders their ability to be courageous and make wise choices.
    • Trait 2
      • Honesty. The practical application of courage is honesty. The commitment to reality at all costs, forthright, clear minded assessment, without excuses evaluation of what is really going on. Leaders need to be honest about their human emotions associated with their circumstances. Whatever we resist, persists. Fear, discouragement, frustration, worry…all the symptoms that contribute to burnout and escapisms. It takes skill and training to be consistently honest because we all default to self protection when threatened. When this happens, we maintain perceptions and false optimism, instead of reality.
    • Trait 3
      • Accountability. Who in your world has your BS” detector. Someone that can look you in the eye, see past your facade, and is not afraid to stay the course with you, regardless of what reality is. Accountability is a relational process, not a punitive one. We can’t foster honesty without accountabilty because we all have blind spots, as well as a mask’s we put on, it’s part of the human condition. The best leaders have safe people in their world that hold them accountable, to being a normal human being. The higher up the ladder you go, the more critical this trait is to be effective at leadership.

    • Trait 4
      • Vulnerability. This is the weak link, and where most fail. Vulnerability is the capacity to be seen. Now without courage, honesty, and accountabiltiy, we’ll never get to this. Vulnerability says this is me, the good the bad the ugly, and I don’t need your acceptance to feel ok, nor do I need your judgments. It just is what it is. Too often, vulnerability is associated with weakness. This, is complete BS. True leadership actually requires embracing your weakness, because only then do you actually have the power to live by your values. When you function in alignment with who you are, not only are you more authentic, but free then to effectively lead others with your influence.
    • Trait 5
      • Delivery. Delivery is about how you flesh out and actually implement your leadership influence with others. This what will differentiate you from everyone else. You can say all the right things, but unless your actions here match, you will be ineffective. This is where your courage, honesty, accountability, and vulnerability traits actually show up in your life, and the lives of others. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Your personal, professional, and financial goals will never be met, if your ‘delivery system’ fails to put into to effective action, all the work you’ve done to be the person you are, and function in alignment who you are created to be.


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